The Designer

It’s been five years or so as a freelancer. Mostly as a graphic designer and now I’m finally starting out as a photographer. I find that both are intertwined and I cannot pick one over the other. They are both art forms that I respect and admire; they have been part of my life since I can remember. To do away with one or the other would be criminal.

This blog, recounting my design pursuits has been revamped. It needed the proverbial dusting and airing out, and then space has to be made for the new assignments that are in the horizon. The revamping was also required since I was asked quite recently why I had stopped my pursuits in all that things that I was good in (namely painting). I had not stopped, I had just jumped from one medium to another exploring it and introspecting along the way.

I have a sister site – In Search Of That Decisive Shot – which channels my creativity in photography and my assignments. I hope that you can follow me as I pursue design and photography in it’s various forms and engage you in my little anecdotes along the way.


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