Product Tag Designs

Photography has always been part of my creative process and in a few designs lately I’ve been lucky enough to combine photography and design together. A recent project requested that I make posters / product tags for some self-help weaving / quilting groups. The weaving group I had the pleasure of using another photographer’s lovely abstract photos to create some awe-inspiring designs; for the second set I ended up taking the photos to create designs similar in theme.

Looking at my various saves for this project I realise how I struggled on this one. I normally am able to envision a vague design in my head, either draw it out at times or just get cracking on the software till I get what I want. This stumped me for awhile. Till I went visiting my clients and then inspiration hit on how best to showcase this design. The end result had me feeling mighty pleased with myself.

These amazing photos caught my eye immediately, and I knew I had to use them. The ‘How’ was what eluded me for quite some time, till inspiration finally hit. The glee with which I processed these after was very very satisfying.

These were photos that I had taken and I was a little worried that they would not match up to the photos from the above set. In a way they didn’t – there were a lot of factors (one being my daughter hanging off the loop of my pants) that worked against me. However, it was great that I could still follow the same theme as the above set.

What do you think about this simple design?


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