Enticing Cover Art

Many projects have come and gone and I realise I have not shared them on the blog. Which is cause for concern, since some of these projects have turned out really well, in print as well.

My latest designs from the past two years to current on book cover designs have grown. I’ve combined various elements into the design from photography to illustration to doodling to factual data – it’s all been covered in these covers (pun intended!).

Here are a few designs:

These were part of a series of designs – I’d focused on the watercolour backgrounds, the strong type, the eye-popping shades in the illustrations and of course the factual details. Do you think this is hard hitting enough?

This was completely vector art illustration – what better way to showcase the elements of our planet. I confess Pinterest helped give me much inspiration on this.

This was the front and back cover – I took a stock photo and doodled all the designs relating to the theme on the cover. Pencil illustrations converted into vector art illustrations got me the perfect doodling style I wanted.

What do you think about these designs so far? Do share your thoughts!



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