Gift Wrapping Design

No, there really is no design to gift wrapping, I just made that up. Mostly because I’m quite unsure what to call this intricate wrapping I do for the presents I give.

Gifting! There is a certain joy in gifting something to someone, not just for the usual occasions, but just for anything really. The happiness in tearing through the paper or opening a bag to get to the present is always infectious and joyous. I love giving presents, receiving them even. Who doesn’t?

Though I gain new found joy in wrapping up the gifts. The usual box wrapping with a bow on top seems rather cliche, so I decided to try something fun once. And it has now become this game I play (with myself) to convert a boring gift wrapping into something more exciting!



A sort of video game screen to a flower pot, to even flowers! I’ve come up with some crazy concepts. I’ve not taken too many pictures of the wrapping I’ve done, but I’ve seen the receiver of the gift at times reluctant to tear through wrapping to get to the gift. I may have defeated the purpose of the gift giving there, oops!



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