Colour in My Design

Once in awhile I go through a phase with the colours that I use in my design. It seems to follow the colour trends for the years (most times). Rest of the time, it’s just that I perhaps am searching for more variety than then normal, or pushing the boundaries on acceptable colours for print media.

There have been a slew of brochure designs, infographics, forms and pamphlets. While pushing the envelope a bit, my clients were requesting for a more brighter design as well than my usual minimal designs. So here are a few experiments (if I can call them that) from that time.

Summer -Camp-Form-01
This was done ages ago and I decided forms needed to be spiced up a bit, even if it was in pastel hues. What better way to get people to fill in a form with more gusto than just a word black and white form with fanciful type.


Throwing caution to the wind, I tried some fanciful colours for a brochure design. The clients were excited over these colours, I’m sure the print would have been a site to behold!

As far as possible I try to follow the same theme for certain projects. This was a handbill for the same brochure project. I decided to incorporate the same colours and the same elements as in the brochure. I could have worked a little more on the text, but I confess to getting carried away with the colours here.

These were a few infographics I had done. One was for their social media presence and another was for an environmental package that I was helping create. The colours, the watercolour elements are reminiscent of the time I was getting full swing into the paintings as well.

While most of my projects are text heavy, settling into type design is a bit difficult I find – that’s the one envelope I haven’t been able to push. Colour, however, has always been a possibility to exploit and I’ve had a few clients shake their heads and go, ‘well, we’re not so sure about this . . .’ (breaks my heart every time).

Design is a subject that everyone claims they understand, and since clients pay you to get their thoughts out onto paper, they would rather you follow the rules than bend it. I’ve had my share of clients who were difficult to work with, had my designs ripped off, not been paid for my work at instances – and even been told to my face that I do not really understand design. Through all this I find I evolve, I explore and I still search ceaselessly for that loveable design. I’m growing and so is my work. I look at my designs from 10 years ago and I realise how far I’ve come. I look back at my unhappy clients and the current happy ones and thank my stars for the hand I’ve been given. My quest for design, is still continuing. . .


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